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Social Responsibility

Levels of unemployment among communities originally dependent on fisheries have, in recent years, soared due to the global decline in fish stocks. Aquaculture offers benefits not only in terms of employment, but also in social upliftment programmes initiated by aquaculture companies to support and develop employees as well as the communities they live in.

HIK Abalone Farm Hermanusa
HIK Abalone Farm Hermanusa
HIK Abalone Farm Hermanusa
HIK Abalone Farm Hermanusa


HIK Abalone Farm promotes training for all employees through ABET, an adult based educational program, which is available to each of our 100 staff members. We have developed an onsite classroom, including two facilitators. The program covers entry level education for communication and mathematics and allows the employee to work at their own pace.  HIK also offers a variety of soft skills training, such as Life Skill education, managing your finance, which gives employees awareness skills training. HIK has partnered with a training provider who provides skills training to our employees that focuses on Aquaculture for those that wish to pursue further studies in this area.

HIK Abalone Farm Hermanusa

HIK Health & Wellness Clinic

In today’s world of ever increasing medical costs and over demand for medical assistance in the provincial clinics, HIK realised a need for first stage medical assistance and built its very own clinic onsite 2 years ago. With our amazing Sr Bev Stuary-Mackay who is always on standby to assistant our unwell employees, offer a shoulder for those tearful days and give education on health, wellness and planning sessions, our employees have a feeling of being cared for when they need it most.  It is important for HIK to know that when our employees are in need of medical assistance that they can obtain it immediately and get onto the road to recovery as fast as possible.  HIK believes that families are just as important and extend this service to our employees immediate family.

HIK Abalone Farm Hermanusa

Community Projects

HIK believes that being involved in many ways with various community projects assist us in keeping our eyes and ears to those in need.  We feel that the more we can assist with upliftment of peoples spirits and improvement in environment will be a start to making a happier environment and a fulfilling cause.

HIK Abalone Farm Hermanusa

Community Education

HIK believes that every human being has a right to adequate education. It is for this reason that HIK has chosen to focus efforts on providing assistance with respect to educational facilities for staff as well as within the local community.

HIK has also contributed to marine-based youth and adult education projects by funding the development of the HIK Abalone Farm Education Centre at the South African Shark Conservancy in Hermanus, South Africa.

To learn more about our approach to community development and social responsibility, please contact us.